One machine, bags of all sizes: this is Simplicita Baggy’s task

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10 Nov One machine, bags of all sizes: this is Simplicita Baggy’s task

Creating bags of all sizes, using just one machine with optimized film consumption… this is the job of our Simplicita Baggy. This solution was created by Ravizza Packaging to offer companies the opportunity to create in-house customized packaging for their products.

Simplicita Baggy cuts and / or welds flexible materials (plastic films, paper or combinations etc.) and is programmable to create a wide variety of different sized bags while generating a large saving of consumable material.

This is a concrete advantage.
It not only has an impact on the environment and frequency of supplies, but also on packaging and warehouse management costs. Less consumed plastic means less waste, less waste of processing, and less spending on purchasing plastic film.

From the same sheet of plastic sheeting, you can make continuous bags of up to 14.5 inches wide and unlimited lengths.
Simplicita Baggy is able to store a large number of processing programs in its software with the various measurements set by the technical staff.
At the same time this allows you to optimize stock and purchase codes. You will no longer need to have a reel of bags for each measure, but you will be able to calibrate a single roll for Simplicita Baggy for various needs.

Ravizza Packaging • Simplicita Baggy on support and rewinderAutonomous and Versatile (handles a variety of flexible materials and can be equipped with a printer to print on bags, rewind the raw material, and simultaneously use rolls of material with various widths. ) Simplicita Baggy is a compact and lightweight machine that can sit on a table and occupy less than a half a square meter of surface (555×400 mm).

Cutting plastic film on pre-set measurements saves up to 50% on the plastic material for each bag, drastically reducing roll changes and reducing packaging costs.
Savings  are not limited to consumables but also extend to the electricity used by the machine. Simplicita Baggy is not “hungry” for electricity, and is powered only by a 110 volt (USA) electrical outlet.

If your company needs to create low cost multi-format bags, contact us.

Understanding your needs and advocating the solution to your problems is our daily work.


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