Discover Simplicita Filler, the modular semi automatic doser for various liquids

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10 Nov Discover Simplicita Filler, the modular semi automatic doser for various liquids

The Simplicita series, which deals with modular packaging with the Simplicita Smart model and the creation of multi-dimensional bags with Simplicita Baggy, completes our series with Simplicita Filler, the modular semi automatic doser for various liquids inserted into a fully ergonomic filling station.
Thanks to Simplicita Filler, the filler can perform all the individual tasks required, from picking the cans to the dosage to the smooth handling – thanks to passive roller conveyors – linked to subsequent packaging stations (conveyor, printing, or pallet).

Made of anodized aluminum, it is designed to fill flexible containers (such as polyester or cubitainer) and rigid fluid containers. It can be used for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and various other liquids.

It is a semi-automatic dosing machine designed to assist the operator. The only necessary actions are to hook the container neck onto the support fork, start filling and remove the container (in three words: hook, fill, remove)

Ravizza Packaging • Simplicita Filler 2HSimplicity Filler avoids accidental spills by means of a control sensor which subordinates the liquid delivery to the actual presence of a container to be filled at the filling nozzle and is provided with an tank to collect any leakage of the product .
At the Automatic End Dosing Control, a feature is added that allows (via “automatic” or “manual” switch) to perform partial fills and pick up liquid samples for quality assay on the product.

Like all products from the Simplicita series, Simplicita Filler has many accessories.
Simplicita Filler can fill up to 60 30-liter containers per hour, while remaining a low-cost electric and pneumatic machine (110 Volt USA).

The same machine is capable of accommodating up to three filling heads, enabling:

  • Increase the production capacity of the machine in parallel with the production volumes, adding over time, the filling heads needed;
  • Working different types of products at the same time;
  • Will not interrupt production during washing of the fill head.


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