Simplicita Smart: a new packaging problem solver

19 Sep Simplicita Smart: a new packaging problem solver

When a production process ends with a need for packaging, the requirements are few and clear; versatility, functionality and speed.
The significance of these terms are often stretched or left deliberately vague. Instead, we have decided to interpret them with a single, precise meaning, and create a user friendly and efficient machine.
The concept of user friendly for the industrial market with which we deal, means seeing all of the businesses practical needs, including the ability to generate additional value.

Simplicita Smart was born on these guidelines. To begin with, it is a compact machine that is able to meet the most varied flexible packaging requirements. It is also customizable in every respect. In fact, each of our customers have unique and peculiar demands, so it is not uncommon to solve situations where the same business has to overcome packaging needs each different from the other.

Simplicita Smart was born to meet this variety of needs – and it succeeds.
Its size is reduced. Simplicita Smart is roughly the size of a pallet, which reduces the required space needed for installation and is easily shipped and transported. The compact dimensions and competitive costs allow it to replace complex and bulky packaging systems which are also expensive.

Its main feature is the ability to create different sizes of bags on demand and change the length of film required for the packaging takes only 3 seconds.

Simplicita Smart

The machine’s enormous application flexibility allows it to pack very small components for example, (watch screws), medium-sized (e-commerce products), bulky (gardening hose) or special sizes (ski poles). This is thanks to a tubular film that flows uninterruptedly, is thermally welded and is simultaneously cut to the determined length. All this for every single product, without interrupting the process. Simplicita, for the first time on the world market, achieves this goal.

Simplicita Bag can be installed in the packaging department or at the end of a production line. It is ergonomically designed to make both the route of the product and operators’ work easy. The work surface is user friendly, as are all maintenance operations.

The packaging of products with varied weights and sizes is guaranteed by the machine’s design, which can easily accommodate anything from mechanical parts to fittings, from metal parts to dry foods, from plastic molds to furniture components. This is because it does not use prefabricated bags, but adapts the tubular film to the product requirements as needed. The entry mouth is wide, up to 14.5 inches or 23 inches, depending on the model, while it is possible to adjust the length of the bag for varying needs.


The tubular film is easy to find and generates low operating costs, minimizing waste due to the machines ability to customize the settings. This means that Simplicita Smart minimizes the environmental impact of your company’s packaging: a greatly reducing processing waste.

Finally, a wide range of accessories are available for the most particular cases, so you may solve any packaging problem.
Contact us: we are ready to solve any problem regarding your packaging needs.





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